Fahd Tawileh : No change in the prices of clothing at the moment

Amman – Alddstor newspaper – Omar Al-Qudah

The representative of the sector clothing in the Jordan Chamber of Commerce Fahd Tawileh that clothing prices in the local market did not rise at the moment due to the non-arrival of new goods to local markets , adding that the clothes People did not happen by changing the price of the fact that the mechanism of calculating customs ancient roughly equivalent to the current mechanism where that is worth a few . He pointed out that clothing with international brands and high-value rose by 15% to 20% , especially clothing prices received by domestic market after the decision to raise tariffs , adding that the timing of the government to amend the mechanism of calculating customs on clothes was appropriate due to the season Eid al-Adha as well to the recession gripping the clothing market , and the weakness of the purchasing power of the citizens.
Mr. Tawileh  said that most of the clothing that entered into the Kingdom after the government decision to raise tariffs to 20 % , saw a rise on their own clothes , which is above average quality .
In turn, Deputy Captain traders clothes and fabrics Asaad Qawasmi that the prices of clothes did not rise in the domestic market where traders clothing committed not to raise prices until the refund is issued Customs Department to review menus pilot certified to guess the clothes , indicating that the union traders clothing and fabrics asked the General Customs Department the involvement of members of the syndicate for the speculative lists of clothing under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
He said the union clothing dealers and commercial agencies and shops demanded from members of the public not to raise prices for clothes while to know the results of the union claims . Qawasmi between the traders and owners of clothing and branding agencies have borne the burden of rising prices of tariffs on clothing increased by 20 % , adding that clothing dealers and owners of commercial agencies awaiting a response Customs Department and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
It is noteworthy that the government decided during the earlier raise tariffs on clothing imported from abroad, to 20% of the item ‘s total price , بحسبما showed formal amendments to the Customs Tariff , which will lead necessarily to higher prices .
A table containing modify customs duties on several items , that are raising tariffs on clothing of various kinds , by uniform .
The customs duty on items of clothing is 5 % of the price of the piece , or JD kilogram of weight , whichever is higher , but the new amendments raised the fee to 20%.

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