Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission​

  • Rakha’a Businessmen Cooperative Association engages a broad area of business owner’s activities in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It was (established) by a group of Jordanian businessmen in 1997 in Jordan’s capital Amman. These Jordanian Businessmen started by establishing a group with an economical base called “Al-Rakha’a”. They later called for membership from different sectors of the economy to join under the name of “Rakha’a Businessmen Cooperative Association” This association has three main focus points: Economic, Cultural & Social.
  • Rakha’a is an association that acts as a bond between the elite economists and business owners in Jordan. It strives to unify their efforts. increase their successes, improve their investments, diversify their interests, direct their work, power, and expertise.
  • Rakha’a seek to develop a spirit of cooperation and coordination, between the members, creat the opportunities for communication and cooperation between the different commercial and industrial sectors, open a dialogue to discuss ideas and brainstorm to approach an efficient way to use the efforts and capablilities to make the members a Powrful Economic Assembly.

         Rakha’a contains the following economic sectors:

  • Telecommunication and Information
  • Technology.
  • Home, Office, and Kitchen furniture,
  • appliances, and lightening.
  • Food Industry.
  • Counseling and Clearance.
  • Agriculutre.
  • Electrical Appliances and Electronics.
  • Construction, Building Material, and
  • Indsutrial Equipment
  • Clothing and Jewelry.
  • Medicine and Health care.
  • Automotives and Heavy Machinery.
  • Finances and Banking.
  • Education.
  • Publications and Publishing.
  • Industrial.
  • Real Estate and Housing.
  • Tourism, hotels & accommodations. and tourism development.


  • Influential businessmen group aiming to develop the Jordanian economy.


  • Rakha’a Businessmen Cooperative Association strives for the prosperity of the nation. create the spirit of cooperation between members. improve culture and knowledge awareness, provide moral and financial support to support the members to maintain and develop their investments.

Goals and Objectives of the Association

  1. Establishing and managing projects for the benefit of members.
  2. Participate in the national projects.
  3. To provide the finance needed to implement the goals of the Association through member contributions, registration fees, membership fees, acceptance of gifts and donations.
  4. Encourage trade and economic exchanges between members.
  5. Exchange of knowledge and experiences between the members.
  6. Improve the economic efficiency of the members to prepare them to be capable to practice industrial and / or commercial business in the right manner.
  7. Strengthen the socail relationships between members of the Association.
  8. Achieve Social solidarity among members.
  9. Defen the businesses and investments of the association’s members.
  10. Encourage scientific research and studies for projects that will acquire benefits for the members.