Al-Rakhaa Association published the third issue of comparative economic report – for the first half of 2013

And contain this newsletter the most important events and achievements made ​​by the Assembly during the first half of 2013 and of holding workshops and multiple successful on the economic sectors fabricated such as agriculture , water, energy , education, construction , finance, health and will be holding workshops on other sectors and provinces the rest of this year 2013 , God willing.
They included each workshop to discuss each sector in detail in terms of the contribution of each sector in the GDP and the number of labor and its importance in the national economy through the main statement of the most important themes of the sector and then divide these themes into partial sub – hubs .
At the end of each workshop was the development challenges facing the sector and come up with recommendations in general.
Has been involved in lecturing and comment upon a group of experts , ministers and professors from public and private universities and representatives of two of Commerce and Industry of Oman and some chambers of commerce , associations and trade unions concerned.
It also included bulletin also a collection of news diverse economic interest to its members investors in the investment sectors and the reality of the investment environment of Jordan and the size of the projects benefiting from the investment law, pursuant to the provisions of Article 5 / A for the year 2003 to the year 2012 and the first half of 2013 , explaining the image .
Has devoted newsletter in its pages recent collection of essays to economic experts and analysts , economists.

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