AlRakhaa assess Ramadan Iftar at the restaurant and Tall Alrumman Resort

AlRakhaa assess Ramadan Iftar at the restaurant and Tall Alrumman ResortForged Association Alrkhha businessmen on Monday, 21/07/2013 Iftar Ramadan at a restaurant and resort Tall AlRumman  / road Jerash, and invited him a number of officials and distinguished guests from the ministers and representatives of Arab embassies and foreign members of the Chambers of Commerce and representatives of the media and Dr. Ahmed Reqeb and a large number of members of the Alrakhaa. Has welcomed the master of ceremonies Mr. Walid Qanah . attendance and began the ceremony verses from the Holy Quran followed by vocalist Abu Huda then Mr. Fahad Tawileh Assembly President hello attendees valued and blessed them with the month of Ramadan and advance definition of the association and its objectives and activities and thanked the social committee on its diligent in activating communication with the members of the all occasions.Mr. Tawileh added that the association work lays the foundation for prosperity and build economic owners of workers with honesty and good morals who are working hard to build Jordan Then made ​​a Member of the Dr. Osama Abu Bakr , sunset prayer and the prayer of Morocco then eat breakfast inviteesThen he talked Guest Dr. ceremony . Ahmed Reqeb , About the virtues of the month of Ramadan and its impact in bringing the relationships and connections between people and increase familiarity and affection then presented the band link Abu Huda Islamic anthem purposeful prayer meeting concluded dinner and taraaweeh with Dr. Osama Abu Bakr . 

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