Al-Rakhaa held Forum 14th ” Riches Ideal “

In the events organized by the Social Committee and in the presence of  members of Al-Rakhaa  was held at the association’s headquarters on Saturday, 28.09.2013  Forum 14th entitled:

Riches Ideal

By Dr. Mohammed Sharafi
He spoke at the beginning of the meeting, a member of the Assembly Mr. Ammar Nabulsiah , Hello Dr. Sharafi and attendance to meet the invitation, and the importance of the lecture.
He spoke of Dr. Sharafi in the beginning of the lecture for the project to revive the jurisprudence of money in Islam and the philosophy of Islam in the richness of higher; also spoke of Dr. Sharafi for awealth Prophet Muhammad pbuh, explaining that the Prophet peace be upon him was not poor as listed to attend Properties Prophet peace be upon him since childhood until his death and talked about spending, peace be upon him in the collection of the faces of the goodness of charity and zakat link womb, Oattiyat and property followed by a modern wives citing verses and Hadith.
At the end of the meeting open to attend where questions answered d. Mohammed Sharafi on all the various questions and inquiries also thanked Mr. Ammar Nabulsiah , Dr. Sharafi on the lecture and the audience for accepting the invitation

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