Rakhaa delegation visiting Amman Chamber of Commerce

The Board of Directors of Rakhaa headed by Mr. Fahed Tawileh- President of Al-Rakhaa Association visited Amman Chamber of Commerce on Monday, 30 / 12/ 2013  , To congratulate Mr. Issa Murad that he nominated  as President of Amman Chamber of CommerceAl-Rakhaa board wish Mr. Issa and all the members of Amman chamber  success in the current session and  affect positively  on the commercial sector . Mr.Tawileh presented cooperation and coordination between the Chamber and Al-Rakhaa for the benefit of the commercial sector in the capital, Amman .At the end of the meeting,  Mr. Ahmed Issa Murad Chairman of Amman Chamber of Commerce thanked Mr.tawileh and the board of Al-Rakhaa for their visiting

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