Rakhaa delegation visiting Jordan Chamber of Commerce

The Board of Directors of Rakhaa headed by Mr. Fahed Tawileh- President of Al-Rakhaa Association visited Jordan Chamber of Commerce on Monday, 30 / 12/ 2013  , To congratulate Mr. Nael Al-Kabariti  that he nominated  as President of Jordan Chamber of CommerceAl-Rakhaa board wish Mr. Al-Kabariti and all the members of Jordan chamber  success in the current session and  affect positively  on the commercial sector . Mr.Tawileh presented cooperation and coordination between the Chamber and Al-Rakhaa for the benefit of the commercial sector in the capital, Amman .At the end of the meeting,  Mr. Nael Al-Kabariti Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Commerce thanked Mr.tawileh and the board of Al-Rakhaa for their visiting

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