Visit Universal kitchens factory

Within the program of monthly visits organized by the Social Committee of the Al-Rakhaa A delegation of members of the Assembly, headed by Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Naqeeb . Committee Chairman social visit factories company Universal kitchen of their respective owners organic Assembly gentlemen Ammar and Dawod Nabulsia on Saturday, 21.09.2013  and was greeted delegation Mr. Ammar Nabulsih, the managers of the company.

At the beginning of the visit occur Mr. Ammar Nabulsih, the directed greetings and thanks to the members of theAl-Rakhaa and Gentlemen, on the invitation, and an explanation of the presence of the evolution of the company and owned branches, in addition to details about the industry that produced.

Participants then long visit; was followed by a field visit to the factory during which departments see the stages of production and the mechanism of the work of the specialized machines

At the end of the visit Invited eating lunch and headed by Mr. Abdul Salam Al-Naqeeb . thank cushion Ammar & Mahmoud Nabulsia to host a delegation of the Assembly and stressed the need to continue 

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