Workshop: Cleaner Production and Project Support Office Green

We would like to inform you that the Amman Chamber of Industry and in collaboration with the complex energy and water and the environment at the Royal Scientific Society will hold a specialized workshop titled” Cleaner production and project office support green” And so on Wednesday 22/01/2014 from ten o’clock in the morning and until one o’clock in the afternoon in the building of Amman Chamber of Industry and by the attached program .This workshop will include where the definition of the Office of Support Green Green Help Desk and the concept of cleaner production and the importance of its application in the industry.Given the importance of the subject, we are pleased to invite you to attend and hope you register by sending a registration form / paper attached to the Amman Chamber of Industry Fax No. 4647852And that within a maximum period of Tuesday 01/21/2014 .Attachments : Registration Form

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