lecture entitled : ” The state budget in 2014 “

The Economic Commission of Al-Rakhaa Businessmen Association organised a lecture entitled : ” The state budget in 2014 ”  ” Basic Concepts in the budget and the role of partnership with the private sector.”  in the headquarters of the Association on Saturday, 25.01.2014 . The lecturer was Mr.Tayseer Al- Khalidi  ( Caunselor in GBD ) ,  talked about the state budget and how to prepare and approval , indicating that the general budget passes in four stages: Preparation phase and preparation , adoption stage , approval , implementation phase and finally the stage of monitoring implementation. The distribution of responsibility do these stages between the executive branch and the legislative branch . One of the main points addressed by the lecture as follows: · The concept of the state budget · Mechanism to prepare the general budget and its provisions , both capital and current ” revenue and expenditure ” · Budget cycle after admitting · Reading in the state budget for 2014 · Display budget of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and read its provisions with respect to the private sector · The general budget and the partnership between the public and private sectors According to Professor facilitate the preparation of the draft budget for 2014 was based on the reliance on local revenue tax and non-tax to cover the largest part of the current expenditure has reached incoming local tax and non-tax was $ ( 5831 ) million compared to ( 5296 ) million estimated for 2013 and an increase of 10% It has been approximatlly the draft general budget for external grants in 2014 about 1151 million dinars ( 982 ) million for the re- appreciation in 2013 , an increase of 169 million dinars , an increase of 17.3 % . The estimated amount of overall revenues ( 6982 ) million compared with ( 6208 ) million hostile appreciation for 2013 , an increase of 774 million dinars, representing 12.5 % The estimated public expenditure in 2014 at about ( 8096 ) million compared to ( 7176 ) million hostile appreciation for the rise in 2013 was $ ( 920 ) million .  general budget for the year 2014 to be the difference between revenue and public expenditure would result in a record fiscal deficit is estimated at about ( 1114 ) million , including 13.8% of the total estimated volume for this year.

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